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Since 2018

Cookstoves From Around the World imported to The United States and Canada

We have brought many of the major international cookstoves manufacturers to the North American market.

Our home in the Flathead Valley, Montana
reliable heating and cooking products from the best in the world.
Rizzoli ST90 Hydro Wood Cookstove

Whether you have a line of small footprint stacked stoves or traditional full size, or somewhere in between, we want to bring it to our market.

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A Lifetime of Home Heating

Leading SCC Holdings & Import is Sarah Chain, co-owner of Obadiah’s Woodstoves & Alternative Heating. Sarah has been working in her family’s heating business since she was just eight years old, and growing up in the cold wilderness of northwest Montana, she has acquired a lifetime of invaluable hands-on experience with wood heating. Combining that with her decades of experience engaging with brands across the globe, Sarah has brought some of the best cook stoves available anywhere to the North American market.

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